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How can planners rethink the idea of urban prosperity beyond a paradigm of growth? What role does land use policy, urban design, land governance, neighbourhood participation and strategic planning play in enabling a radical transition to a new paradigm of urban change?

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Start date 14 January 2019
End date 19 January 2019
Time 00:00
Location University Theatre

Spatial planners hardly question the idea that a city needs to grow in order to be healthy, happy, prosperous, diverse and social. Cities seem dependent on growth. This dependency is rooted in the key instruments that planners use to redistribute wealth, to finance social housing, to promote renewable sources of energy or to protect green areas, that are all dependent to the increase of land values and the ‘capturing’ of these values for public purposes. Today, the limits of these models are more than ever evident in the rising scarcity of materials required to develop cities, in the environmental effects of urban enlargement, such as land consumption, pollution and erosion of natural areas, as well as in the increasing of demand of energy to sustain urban functions and housing density.

The 2019 studio will address these challenges in order to enable participants to imagine a radically different planning paradigm for urban change. We will engage with this goal in the peculiar context of the city of Amsterdam, a city that is experiencing a momentum of sky-high growth but it is also aware of the socio-environmental challenges of it.




International Speaker




Rethinking the logics of urban growth

Prof. Marisol Garcia 

University of Barcelona

Esther Ouwehand 

‘Party of the Animals’ and activist

Maurits de Hoog

Chief Strategy and Region at City of Amsterdam



The growth of Amsterdam between center and periphery: the ring road


Urban Form, Quality and Citizenship

Prof. Paul Chatterton

University of Leeds

Martine  de Vaan

Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and ‘Weeting’ platform

Selçuk Balamir

NieuwLand co-housing


Slow and Fast mobility

Dr. Antonio Ferreira

University of Porto

Geert Kloppenburg

Author of the book

‘De Tuk Tuk Company’

Sebastiaan Capel

District Amsterdam Zuid



Re-articulating the State and the public good

Dr. Giacomo D’Alisa

University of Barcelona

Marieke Blom

Chief Economist ING Bank

Christiaan Fruneaux & Edwin Gardner

Monnik Studio for Future and Fiction

Each day, the program runs from 9.30 to 13.00.

The tour on Tuesday is not open to participants but only for students of the Master Urban Planning at the UvA

On Wednesday 16th, the Studio will open a public debate at Pakhuis de Zwijger, at 19:30.


All days are open to external participants. Please register by sending email to


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University Theatre
University Theatre

Room Room 3.01

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
1012 CP Amsterdam