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In the third edition of the Urban Dialogue Series, David Evers will present the ESPON project ‘Sustainable Urbanization Practices in European Regions’ (SUPER). This project sought to measure land use changes in Europe and provide recommendations on how to make this more sustainable.

Event details of Urban Dialogue #3: Sustainable Urbanization Practices in European Regions
Date 26 January 2021
Time 16:00 -17:00
Organised by David Evers

It used mixed methods for this: quantitative analyses of land cover data for 2000-2018, land-allocation modelling for the 2050 scenarios, surveys to collect examples of interventions and their effects, and eleven in-depth case studies to understand land development practices. In addition to the evidence base, the project also produced a Guide to sustainable urbanization for policymakers, which is now being applied in Lithuania and Croatia. Finally, SUPER wishes to reframe the European debate through its use of concepts and terminology: using ‘urbanization’ instead of ‘land take’ and by viewing urban form as a continuum from compact to diffuse rather than (not) sprawl. Find the summary of the final report of SUPER here.

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The Urban Dialogues Series

The Centre for Urban Studies cordially invites you to participate in the new Urban Dialogues series. This series gives CUS members the opportunity to share their research and receive feedback, to enlarge their network, and to explore potential collaborations. Each session will start with a 20 minute talk, followed by a 20 minute discussion. The Urban Dialogues are scheduled for every last Tuesday of the month, except for April 2021 (Tuesday April 20th). Please find the full programme below.




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Sustainable Urbanization Practices in European Regions

David Evers

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