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A new call for PhD Talent Travel Grant proposals is now open. In this round, the Centre for Urban Studies will launch a call of three PhD Talent Travel Grants (1.500 euros each) that enable junior members to broaden their horizon and visit partner universities and/or centres relevant to their research.

The grant is awarded to PhD candidates who are in the post-field work phase of their research project.


The Travel Grants contribute to the Centre’s mission to facilitate exchange and collaborations between researchers from CUS and researchers from abroad, and enable an ongoing international dialogue and exploration of potential collaborations. We especially appreciate applications that bridge between different disciplines and/or between academic research and societal practices. The grants are provided to assist CUS’ PhD candidates in their dissertation work, so they can gain valuable international experience and set up promising collaborations with (potential) partners abroad. An additional and important (but not exclusive or mandatory) selection criterion is the contribution to the development of the thematic focus of the Centre on the ‘urban commons’ (for more information on the thematic focus, and on the broader mission of CUS, see the 2018-2022 strategic plan)


Travel grants are awarded for short-term visits (1-3 months). We provide a flat-rate contribution of up to 1.500 EUR which may cover the expenses for travel, accommodation and fees. Please note that the research travel grants are for travel that is directly related to dissertation research, not conference travel. Applications may be submitted at any time in 2020.

How to apply

Please send your application of max. 600 words to: The application should clearly explain:

  • The destination;
  • The immediate and longer-term goal(s) of the visit;
  • How the visit adds value to your dissertation research;
  • How the visit  adds value to the Centre’s mission and thematic focus on the ‘urban commons’;
  • Expected outcomes of the visit (e.g., new partnership, joint article, joint research proposal);
  • A timeline, including travel dates;
  • A detailed travel budget

Selection process

If applications only marginally outnumber the available funding (when there are five or less applications and/or when there is a significant difference in quality), the grants will be awarded by the director and coordinator of the Centre for Urban Studies, based on the above criteria. If applications significantly outnumber funding possibilities (when there are more than five applications and/or when there are no significant differences in quality), the director and coordinator will prepare a report supporting a potential decision and submit it to the Executive and Advisory boards of the Centre for Urban Studies. In case that consensus can't be reached, a vote of such boards will be called.