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Societal Impact Stories

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Results: 1 - 8 of 8
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    Thinking with dementia

    Over the past five years, six PhD students from the anthropology department at the University of Amsterdam have conducted ethnographic research on dementia care in the Netherlands. They have made 14 stories available as a series that was recently ...

  • Prof Anne-Mei The, professor Healthcare and Dimensia
    Living labs for a social approach to dementia

    Research at the University of Amsterdam into long-term care and dementia has resulted in the development of testing grounds around a social approach to dementia.

  • Citizen protest
    Small stories-listening to citizens

    Many people are excluded from decision-making processes and do not participate in public debates. Urban planner Nanke Verloo aims to reach and understand these groups, help them to have their voices heard and make local and national governance ...

  • Thesis cover Oana Druta
    Housing - Intergenerational Inequalities

    Inequities have been growing deeper between generations in recent years. The more obvious reasons for this have been the flexibilization of employment conditions for younger people and the reduction of welfare state support. More recently ...

  • People protesting
    Conflicts in public life - Mediation

    Conflicts are part of public life. Citizens often find themselves in conflict with each other and with government on questions like where to put a new road, how to interpret the details of new regulations, or how to allocate scarce resources. ...

  • Observing family eating habits
    Overweight - everyday social life

    Overweight and obesity form a serious threat to public health in the Netherlands and across the world. In Amsterdam over 18,5% of all children – particularly ones from already disadvantaged families – are overweight or obese, increasing their ...

  • Effects of climate change in India-flooded streets
    Climate change- empowering developing countries in the climate debate

    The significant impacts of climate change are affecting people around the globe. It is disrupting national economies and communities and affecting lives today, and will do so even more tomorrow. The poorest and most vulnerable countries and ...

  • Holot Isreal
    Deportation regimes – informing the politicised debate

    In the Netherlands, the number of illegalised migrants is estimated between 70,000 and 150,000. Around 10,000 people are repatriated each year, either via ‘voluntary return’ programmes or by means of forceful removal. The Dutch state has put ...