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Ms F.N. (Fenna) Smits MSc

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Programme group: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference
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    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  
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I am a PhD candidate in Political Sociology at the  Amsterdam Institute for Social Sciences Research (AISSR). I hold a Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology (UvA) and a Master in Social Sciences Research (UvA). My research interest lies at the intersection of material and urban studies, relationality, and everyday politics. During my masters I have examined the politics of graffiti projects self-organized by residents in marginalized neighborhoods of Bogotá.


PhD project


In my current project I continue the study of self-organisation in the field of infrastructure and collective facilities. A particularly celebrated logic in contemporary governance is that of granting citizens self-responsibility and individual choice. In the field of infrastructures and public service delivery such a logic translates into ongoing decentralizations. In the process of decentralizing infrastructures and collective services actors experiment with new forms of governance.

This project assesses how decentralized infrastructures are organised and experienced in actual practices. It will do so through an ethnographic case study of the organisation of, and daily life with, decentralized infrastructures in regions in the Netherlands facing population shrinkage and infrastructural decline.

The aim of this study is to articulate the complexities surrounding daily life with decentralized infrastructures and the new forms of governance generated in these practices. It will do so by taking into account the experiences and evaluations of those who work and live with decentralized infrastructures.


2017: tutorials for honours course STEVF – urban regeneration and renewal in film.

           Introduction in how to use film and documentary as a research tool in urban studies. 

2018: tutorials for sociology bachelor course Globalizing Cultures 

           Introduction to the sociology of culture and globalization. 

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