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Research within the AISSR focuses on the functioning of contemporary societies and their relationships from a historical, comparative and empirical perspective. It includes topics anchored in one or more of the represented disciplines: Sociology, Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, Political Science, Anthropology.

Programme Groups

The AISSR research programme is organised into thirteen thematically focused groups. The groups cover a broad range of topics, such as health, citizenship, stratification, globalization and democratic representation, yet all through the lens of international comparison and multi-level analysis.

Affiliated Centres

Affiliated centres are collaborative, often interdisciplinary between programme groups, initiatives on a specific research theme. The AISSR counts eight affiliated centres. Themes include conflict, migration, inequality, gender and sexuality.

Research Priority Areas 

Research priority areas have the aim of stimulating innovation in designated research fields to actively foster further development. These so-called RPA’s represent the very best the UvA has to offer in terms of research. They are also areas in which the UvA is a leader worldwide. The AISSR includes two RPA’s: Conflict & Society and BRIDGES / Sustainability.

Research Facilities

Research facilities are crucial for conducting scientific research and fostering innovation. The AISSR houses high-quality technical research facilities for social and behavioural research. Think of a 3T MRI scanner, EEG, eye tracking and TMS. In addition to the availability of this equipment, we have a team of highly experienced technicians who can support the implementation of the research in the lab.