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AISSR Organisation

AISSR and the University of Amsterdam

Since January 2010, research in the social sciences at the University of Amsterdam is united in a single institute: the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). The AISSR results from a merger of the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research (ASSR), the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan & International Development Studies (AMIDSt) and the Institute for Migration & Ethnic Studies (IMES).

The AISSR is the largest research institute on social sciences in the Netherlands and maybe even in Europe.

The AISSR is located in one faculty, the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG), and includes four disciplines: Anthropology; Human Geography, Planning & International Development; Political Science and Sociology.

Programme groups: units of research

The research programme is organised into thirteen groups anchored in one of the four disciplines. Each programme group is led by a Programme Director. The programme groups are the primary units for academic staff in terms of research and teaching activities; they are relatively autonomous, with practical responsibility for both research strategy and teaching curriculum content being assigned within the relevant discipline or sub-discipline.

Each programme falls under the general responsibility of the Academic Director (Prof Brian Burgoon), and is represented on the AISSR Programmes Council.

Interdisciplinary centres: cooperation across the programme groups

Cooperation across these programme groups is institutionalised in six interdisciplinary centres: Urban Studies; Global Health; European Studies; Inequality Studies; Migration & Ethnic Studies and Gender and Sexuality.

These centres foster activity across programme boundaries and are organised around research priority areas (universitaire onderzoekszwaartepunten) and research focus points (facultaire onderzoeksspeerpunten), as selected and subsidised by the UvA and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG).

They are composed of AISSR staff from the programme groups and external guests. Directors of these centres hold a seat in the AISSR Programmes Council.