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Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research / AISSR

  • Programme Managers

    The programme manager support academic activities, the acquisition of indirect and contract funding, financial management, reporting and communication. They act as a link with secretaries who carry out institute-wide duties.

    Ms C.J.M. (Christianne) van Domburg Scipio MSc

    Programme manager Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies

    Ms E. (Evelien) Oomen MSc

    Programme manager Political Science

    Mr J.C. (Janus) Oomen MSc

    Programme manager Anthropology

    Ms J. (Jeske) de Vries

    Programme manager Sociology

  • PhD Representatives¬†

    Each programme group selects a PhD representative. They represent all PhD Candidates in the PhD Sounding Board with AISSR and GSSS Management. The representatives advise AISSR and GSSS Management on PhD-related issues and for this purpose they make inventories of such issues. They also facilitate meetings at programme group level between PhDs and intellectual community oriented activities like discussions of papers and Seminars/Lectures. They introduce new PhD and are the primary point of contact for PhD related issues.


    Pol. Sociology                 Jingjie Dai

    ILL                                    Dieuwke Zwier & Katherina Stuckradt

    Cul. Sociology                Hanne Stegeman


    Globalizing Cult.             Peter Miller

    HCB                                  Sasha Kruger en Chia-Shuo Tang

    Momat                            Arum Hayuningsih en Fajri Sirengar



    Challenges                     Haylee Kelsall en Isabella Rebasso

    Petgov                             Nilma Nilmawati

    Transnational               Astrid Bodini



    PEG                no one

    GID                Sofie te Wierik

    UP and UG     Celin Idel

  • Confidential counsellors (for AISSR PhDs)

    For PhDs:

    The confidential counsellors have as task to help in solving issues that might arise in the professional context of a PhD and his/her supervisor(s). As such, it is distinct from the tasks and roles of the supervisors, the PhD representatives and the AISSR bureau. The confidential counsellor is a fellow scientist yet not a close colleague of the supervisor, and does not have a supervising relationship with the PhD-candidate .

    Given this position, the confidential counsellor can help sort out problems with supervision of a different kind, like practical or personal, that may develop in the context of the supervision structure. The confidential counsellor can offer a listening ear, can give advice, and if the candidate in question considers this useful, the trust person can play a mediating or negotiating role. 

    • Floris Vermeulen (located at the Department of Political Science)
    • Nicky Pouw (located at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies) 
    • Don Weenink (located at the Department of Sociology)

    Please note: all confidential counsellors are available for all PhDs, meaning that you can choose to contact the confidential counsellor of your Department, or one of the other confidential advisors. Evidently, all confidential counsellors are available for PhDs of the Department of Anthropology.

    For other staff:

    At the department level there are confidential advisers in case of harassment and intimidation.