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PhD Training Programme

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research / AISSR
PhD Training Programme

All PhDs have to draw up their own personal training programme in consultation with their PhD supervisor as part of their PhD Trajectory Plan. Together, they decide which courses the PhD should take, depending on their previous training.

PhDs should follow (or have followed in the past) sufficient training in Methods, Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Theory. We advise PhDs to follow a training programme of approximately 30 ECTS in total throughout the whole trajectory. Which courses are relevant for you depends on your PhD trajectory and the programme group in which you are involved.

If you wish to register for a course or should you have a question, please email us at

AISSR Educational Committee

The AISSR Educational Committee PhD has the task of assuring the quality of teaching and of the teaching process of the AISSR‐GSSS PhD educational programme. The Committee will meet three times per year to:

  •  Advise on the curriculum
  •  Advise on the regulations of the AISSR‐GSSS Training Programme
  •  Discuss the results of the student evaluations
  •  Discuss proposals for Short Intensive Courses (SIC’s)
  •  Discuss other education related issues (based on remarks/complaints from students, teachers, supervisors, PhD Sounding Board etc.)
  •  Prepare an advisory or discussion note for the annual meeting of the AISSR Scientific Educational Board (Programme Council plus GSSS Director)

The committee is composed of the AISSR Scientific Director (Justus Uitermark), the GSSS Scientific Director (Annette Freyberg‐Inan), two senior academic staff members (Hebe Verrest and Saskia Bonjour), 1 PhD representative (Eline Westra) and the PhD coordinator (Simon Cijsouw).

PhD clubs 

Find an overview of the current PhD clubs here