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PhD Programme

PhD Programme Social Sciences

The AISSR ensures high-quality, stimulating post-graduate supervision and the timely completion of PhD projects. It fosters the careers of its graduates by providing a strong PhD Community including coaching and training, and encouraging PhD students to publish early in their career. The training programme specifically aims to offer PhD the wide theoretical and methodological scope of the various disciplines represented in the domain of social sciences. The AISSR offers unique courses that address the interdisciplinary character of this research institute.

PhD Candidates usually have a three or four year appointment in which their primary task is to do research towards a doctoral dissertation. However, pursuing a PhD also involves taking courses in the PhD Training Programme (a cooperation between AISSR and the Graduate School of Social Sciences-GSSS), teaching Bachelor courses within the Departments of Social Sciences (SoCa, Pol and GPIO), and participating in the research community, not only at AISSR, but also at national and international levels.

PhD students are embedded in the AISSR programme group where their research is conducted. Their training programme is jointly offered by the AISSR and GSSS.

PhD Guide

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