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Ethics, Integrity and Plagiarism

  • Ethical Review of Research

    The AISSR has developed a procedure for the ethical review of research plans, seeking to foster reflection and care. We expect requests for ethics permission to articulate and address the real, true and sometimes irreducible problems that researchers face. In order to support that way of working, we do not provide a checklist to check, but questions that challenge the researcher to think about. The aim is for researchers to devote time and effort to thinking through and making explicit how research plans will lead to good research, not only in a methodological sense but also in another sense, call it social, ethical, aesthetic or something else. 


    If you ask for ethical permission, your research plan, including your ethics section, will be assessed by the AISSR Ethics Advisory Board, which is composed of researchers at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research. In the case of a disagreement, it is possible to call upon the ethics committee of the Social Science Faculty. Please note that PhD students are all required to complete the ethics application to the online portal as part of our training programme (also when ethical approval might not be needed).

  • AISSR Integrity Protocol

    The AISSR Integrity Protocol articulates AISSR-wide standards on scholarly integrity and data management in the AISSR research community, and an organization for facilitating discussion and protection of such standards. Its purpose is to promote and guard academic integrity for the AISSR, but also to facilitate advances in the quality of our research enterprise in terms of scholarly and societal impact.

    The AISSR Integrity Committee handles questions and issues of integrity, and deliberates on how to deal with violations of any aspect of the Protocol that come to the Committee’s attention by a given AISSR Researcher.

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