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Congratulations to Wouter van der Brug, Eric Schliesser (Political Science), Matthijs Kalmijn, and Olav Velthuis (Sociology), who have been awarded a NWO Open Competition grant.

The NWO Open Competition grants facilitate excellent, curiosity-driven research. The AISSR has been awarded four such grants, of maximum 750.000 Euros. The awarded projects are: generational differences in party choice, retirement migration, rise of private museums and financial debt.

You can read more about the projects below.

  • Generational differences in determinants of party choice

Prof. dr. Wouter van der Brug (UvA)
We investigate generational differences in determinants of party choice. We expect that 'new political issues', such as migration and global warming, have the greatest impact on vote choices of young generations. Among other things, this explains why young people are overrepresented among the supporters of Green and Radical right parties.

  • A Place to Grow Old? The Risks and Rewards of Retirement Migration

Prof. dr. Matthijs Kalmijn (UvA)
Emigrating in later life is a step that more and more people consider. A different climate and culture make this step attractive as well as risky. In this project we examine how Dutch natives settle down in Southern European countries, how they integrate and try to achieve the good life.

  • The Return of the Medici? The Global Rise of Private Museums for Contemporary Art

Prof. Dr. Olav Velthuis (UvA)
Art worlds have recently witnessed the global rise of private art museums. This project explains this rise and studies its multifaceted impact: what do private museums add to existing museum scenes? To what extent do they now co-determine the value of contemporary art?

  • A New Normative Framework for Financial Debt

Prof. dr. Eric Schliesser (UvA)
Society is drowning in financial debts. But it is unclear how to deal with debt morally when it cannot be repaid or causes harmful side effects. This project develops practical, normative guidelines that help policymakers, creditors, and debtors to regulate and manage debt.