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AISSR Harvest Day 2015: Health & Society, Inequality and Urban Dynamics

The AISSR Harvest Day showcases new research results selected from different AISSR programme groups but focused on a shared research theme. 2015 themes were: 1) Health and Society, 2) Inequality and 3) Urban Dynamics. Watch the video's in which 13 AISSR researchers present their findings within these themes.

Health & Society

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Realted publication: Sweet and Bitter: Sugarcane Expansion in Northern Luzon, The Philippines, and Aceh, Indonesia

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Urban Dynamics

Related publication: 'Japanese New York: Migrant Artists and Self-reinvention on the World Stage'

Related publication: 'Cities and social movements. Immigrant rights activism in the United States, France and the Netherlands, 1970-2015 (forthcoming)'

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