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Results: 21 - 40 of 342
Results: 21 - 40 of 342
  • Why we need small fish
    15 Oct 2020
    For millions of people, small fish such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies are a crucial source of food. Small fish are nutritious, cheap, and can be found swimming in schools all over the world. Despite this fact, ...
  • How can the private sector help achieve sustainable development?
    9 Oct 2020
    A new report “Linking Voluntary Standards to the Sustainable Development Goals” sheds light on how businesses can become more sustainable. The report was officially presented today at the Geneva Trade Week. UvA ...
  • ACES launches four new online lecture series
    7 Oct 2020
    ACES will continue to organise online lecture series. In the fall ACES will launch four new series on a variety of themes.
  • Maarten Wolsink reaches 1000 citations in the Web of Science
    5 Oct 2020
    This week, first time ever, a peer-reviewed publication prepared within AISSR has reached the level of 1000 citations in the Web of Science, the oldest database of peer-reviewed articles and still the most ...
  • Launch of Migration Politics Journal
    5 Oct 2020
    Saskia Bonjour, Evelyn Ersanili and Darshan Vigneswaran have teamed up to launch a new journal on Migration Politics.
  • Prof. dr. Marieke de Goede new AISSR Academic Director
    30 Sep 2020
    Professor Dr. Marieke de Goede has been appointed as the new AISSR Academic Director, as of December 2020. De Goede is Professor of Political Science, with a focus on ‘Europe in a Global Order’ and has long been a ...
  • Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard appointed professor by special appointment of Dynamics of Crime and Violence
    30 Sep 2020
    Dr Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard (1976) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Dynamics of Crime and Violence at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The ...
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    Meer vertrouwen in regeringsleiders door COVID-19
    24 Sep 2020
    Het vertrouwen in de Nederlandse regering is het afgelopen voorjaar sterk toegenomen. Zowel angst voor besmettingen als een daling van cynisme over incompetentie van politici dragen hieraan bij. Het vertrouwen steeg ...
  • woman who is frowning
    Do politics make you sweat or frown?
    21 Sep 2020
    We tend to have strong feelings when it comes to politicians, ranging from disgust to enthusiasm. So just how deep-seated are these feelings? Bert Bakker, Matthijs Rooduijn and Gijs Schumacher studied physical ...
  • UvA launches world’s most comprehensive database of Twitter use by parliamentarians
    21 Sep 2020
    Members of parliament in Iceland tweet less than once a day on average, whereas parliamentarians in Turkey tweet six times a day on average. In Canada, the Netherlands, Turkey and the US upwards of 97% of active ...
  • Algorithms and Inequality: How Camming Sites Work
    16 Sep 2020
    The exact details remain sketchy. All we know is that at some point on 3 April 1996, a young American student by the name of Jennifer Ringley ushered in a new phase in the then nascent Internet revolution. ...
  • The rise and success of economic sanctions
    8 Sep 2020
    The use of economic sanctions continues to rise around the globe. ‘While democracy and liberal institutions have led to the decline of war, they paradoxically have also triggered the rise of economic coercion as a ...
  • Three ACES affiliates receive ERC Starting Grant
    7 Sep 2020
    ACES affiliates Thijs Bol, Imke Harbers and Kristina Krause have received an ERC Starting Grant. A Starting Grant is a personal grant of about €1.5 million and provides research support to talented researchers for a ...
  • Eight UvA researchers receive ERC Starting Grants
    3 Sep 2020
    The European Research Council (ERC) has this year awarded Starting Grants to eight UvA researchers. The laureates are: Thijs Bol, Janna Cousijn, Efstratios Gavves, Imke Harbers, Kristine Krause, Sanne Kruikemeier, ...
  • Online lecture series: Decolonising Europe part 2
    1 Sep 2020
    ACES launches the second part of its online lecture series Decolonising Europe. Starting 23 September, five bi-weekly panel sessions will be organised (four on Wednesday, one on Thursday afternoon) at which broad ...
  • Kick-off: Global Digital Cultures
    1 Sep 2020
    On Friday, October 2, 2020, the University of Amsterdam will launch its new research priority area ‘Global Digital Cultures’ (GDC). Researchers and students from all faculties at the UvA, as well as non-UvA audiences ...
  • GDC Webinar Series 2020
    1 Sep 2020
    Digitization is transforming cultural practices around the world, from friendship, intimacy and sexual relations, to the construction, targeting, and surveillance of publics. Digital platforms and mobile apps have ...
  • Multi-year research on visual heritage of Srebrenica
    28 Jul 2020
    Following the 25th commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica on 11 July 2020, the Amsterdam Center for European Studies and the Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies (ARTES) and the ...
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    In Memoriam Mies van Niekerk
    21 Jul 2020
    Gedurende een flink deel van haar loopbaan, van 1994 tot 2008, was Mies, cultureel antropoloog, verbonden aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, inzonderheid het Instituut voor Migratie- en Etnische Studies (IMES) en de ...
  • Saskia Bonjour elected member of the Executive Committee of the Council for European Studies
    20 Jul 2020
    Every two years, the CES membership votes to elect candidates for the Executive Committee. This year, they elected five members who will serve from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2024. ACES Affiliate Saskia Bonjour is ...