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Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research / AISSR

Results: 21 - 40 of 374
Results: 21 - 40 of 374
  • girls holds textballoon above her head
    'Why voting as early as 16 is much better'
    5 Feb 2021
    Last year, political scientist Sarah de Lange, as a member of the Council for Public Administration, advised the Dutch parliament and government to lower the voting age to 16. She explains why it is important to give ...
  • Four Projects Awarded a CUS Seed Grant
    3 Feb 2021
    The Centre for Urban Studies is pleased to announce the projects that have been awarded a Seed Grant. The awarded projects foster inter- or transdisciplinary dialogue, contribute to the CUS’ strategic focus on the ...
  • Three Projects Awarded a CUS Seed Grant XL
    3 Feb 2021
    The Centre for Urban Studies is pleased to announce the projects that have been awarded a 2021 Seed Grant XL. The awarded projects foster inter- or transdisciplinary dialogue, contribute to the CUS’ strategic focus ...
  • Ladder against schoolboard, on which a small cloud is drawn
    Knowledge and expectations of parents contribute to inequality in education
    3 Feb 2021
    Educational inequality: it’s a regular subject of public and political debate. Sociologist Andrea Foster researched how parents’ knowledge of the education system and their expectations play a role in this ...
  • sigrid kaag, leader of D'66 political party
    ‘Not nearly enough women in politics in the Netherlands’
    2 Feb 2021
    When it comes to political representation of women, political scientists Liza Mügge and Zahra Runderkamp give the Netherlands a failing grade. They say the current political process hinders both the entry and ...
  • Considerable public support for joint EU procurement for medicines
    1 Feb 2021
    A team of ACES researchers conclude that, based on a survey in several EU countries, there is broad popular support for European cooperation in the procurement of medicines and medical countermeasures.
  • streetexperiment
    City streets experiments to transform urban mobility
    27 Jan 2021
    Across Europe, cities are trying to radically reduce their reliance on car-based mobility in order to address sustainability challenges. Two things are lacking in these efforts towards a ‘post-car’ city: a proactive ...
  • Polarisation in the Netherlands: how divided are we?
    26 Jan 2021
    Exactly how divided are we in the Netherlands, and what role is polarisation likely to play in our upcoming elections? We discussed this with political scientist Eelco Harteveld, who has spent years studying the ...
  • Global Digital Cultures invites a new round of seed grant proposals
    21 Jan 2021
    The RPA invites seed grant proposals that focus on questions related to global digital cultures. The Global Digital Cultures steering committee will assess all proposals with specific attention to proposals’ ...
  • Information for PhD Candidates: Covid-19
    21 Jan 2021
    We are very aware that you continue to be affected by Covid-related disruptions and problems. Many of you are facing further delays to fieldwork and other research processes. It is also possible that your supervisors ...
  • Update for PIs and Programme Group Directors: Covid-19
    21 Jan 2021
    We are writing to update you on the way in which Covid-19 related damages to your externally funded projects will be handled in the months to come. Please note that this process concerns externally funded projects ...
  • The Brexit deal, a never-ending story
    21 Jan 2021
    Brexit expert Jonathan Zeitlin reflects on the Brexit deal that came into effect on 1 January 2021. ‘When we last spoke about Brexit, I wondered if the transition period would be the beginning of the end, or the end ...
  • ACES researchers Acquire Jean Monnet ERASMUS+ Network Grant 'SECUREU'
    14 Jan 2021
    ACES researchers Darshan Vigneswaran, Olga Sezneva, Barak Kalir, Jan-Willem Duyvendak and Luiza Bialasiewicz have been successful in securing a Jean Monnet ERASMUS+ Network Grant 'SECUREU', focusing on the ...
  • Fenne Pinkster
    Fenne Pinkster member Programme Council Centre for Urban Inequality
    11 Jan 2021
    Dr Fenne Pinkster (GPIO) has been appointed as a member of the Programme Council of the Centre for Urban Inequality. The centre is a collaboration between the Municipality of Amsterdam and four knowledge ...
  • Roel Beetsma chairs 'Commissie Europese Economie'
    11 Jan 2021
    ACES Governing Board member Roel Beetsma has been appointed chair of the 'Commissie Europese Economie', which will explore and formulate options for European financial and economic policy with the aim of making the ...
  • Nine Cross-faculty Research Projects Awarded GDC Grants
    7 Jan 2021
    The Global Digital Cultures RPA is pleased to announce the projects that have been granted research support funding following the 2020 Call for Applications.
  • "People want more than polarized, soundbite-like information, but the kind of in-depth analysis that we can offer"
    6 Jan 2021
    Professor Marieke de Goede started her term as academic director of the AISSR on 1 December 2020. We Zoomed in with her to discuss priorities, implications of Covid, and her own research.
  • Ownership, Value and the Question of Colonial Heritage in Museums
    14 Dec 2020
    Pressing Matter received a grant of 3.5 million euros of the National Science Agenda of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) to analyse the role colonial collections could play in resolving tensions in dealing with our ...
  • Three new Assistant Professors in Violence & Security
    11 Dec 2020
    The Department of Political Science and the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research are excited to announce that Chuyu Liu, Meredith Loken, and Jessica Soedirgo will take up positions as Assistant Professor ...
  • Migration Politics Fellowship winners for 2021 announced
    9 Dec 2020
    The Migration Politics journal is proud to announce the winners of our inaugural Migration Politics Fellowships.