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Results: 21 - 35 of 35
  • Coffeeshop Tehran
    New article by Reza Shaker Ardekani and Jan Rath explores common characteristics of coffee people
    24 Oct 2017
    Reza Shaker Ardekani and CUS member Jan Rath have published the article: Coffee people in Tehran, Glasgow and Amsterdam.
  • CUS Grant 1
    Urban Studies Seed Grants XL for promising initiatives
    3 Oct 2017
    This academic year, the Centre for Urban Studies launched – in addition to the regular Seed Grants – a special round of Seed Grants XL.
  • Logo CUS
    Call for Visiting Scholar
    19 Sep 2017
    This academic year, the Centre for Urban Studies launches a call for a visiting scholar award. The aim of this award is to institute a visiting scholar program, going beyond the existing formats supporting short ...
  • Fietsen Rijksmuseum
    Save the Date and Call for Presenters: Cities & Mobilities Seminar Series
    12 Sep 2017
    In 2017-2018 the Centre for Urban Studies will host a seminar series “Cities and Mobilities”, organised by Anna Nikolaeva. The aim of the seminar series is to develop a conversation on how mobilities shape cities as ...
  • Amsterdam 2
    New article by Myrte Hoekstra and Fenne Pinkster explores imagined spaces of encounter
    24 Aug 2017
    CUS members Fenne Pinkster and Myrte Hoekstra have published the article: 'We want to be there for everyone’: imagined spaces of encounter and the politics of place in a super-diverse neighbourhood.
  • Logo CUS
    Two Urban Studies PhD Travel Grants awarded
    12 Jul 2017
    The PhD Travel Grants are provided to assist CUS’ PhD candidates in their dissertation work, in order to give them the opportunity to gain valuable international experience and set up promising collaborations with ...
  • Logo CUS
    Third Seed Grant Open Call – Centre for Urban Studies
    12 Jul 2017
    This academic year, the Centre for Urban Studies launches three rounds of seed grant calls to support and facilitate research initiatives of CUS’ research staff, both permanent and temporary (PhDs, Post Docs). This ...
  • Canal in Amsterdam
    When the spell is broken: gentrification, urban tourism and privileged discontent in the Amsterdam canal district
    18 May 2017
    In their new publication CUS members Fenne Pinkster and Willem Boterman explore the changing relationship between upper-middle-class residents residents and their neighbourhood, the Amserdam canal district, ...
  • Urban Europe fifty tales of the city
    Urban Europe - Fifty tales of the City
    18 Jan 2017
    In this unique book publication, urban researchers and practitioners based in Amsterdam, tell the story of the European city by sharing their knowledge and insights of urban dynamics in short, provoking pieces.
  • Prof Rivke Jaffe
    Rivke Jaffe, professor of Cities, Politics and Culture
    14 Apr 2016
    Dr R.K. Jaffe (1978) has been appointed professor of Cities, Politics and Culture at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. This concerns a new chair.
  • QS World University Rankings
    Nine UvA subject areas listed in QS World University Rankings top 50
    27 Feb 2014
    In the QS World University Rankings by Subject, published on Wednesday 26 February, nine of the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) subject areas are in the top 50. Communication & Media Studies is the highest ranked ...
  • University of Amsterdam one of top 150 universities in global ARWU rankings
    17 Aug 2012
    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is ranked, just as previous years, in the top 150 of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). This ranking of the 500 best universities in the world is published annually ...
  • Attend inspiring lectures by renowned UvA professors in the Glass House of Science and Scholarship
    17 Aug 2012
    This year marks the 380th anniversary of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In honour of this 76th ‘lustrum’ (anniversary occurring every five years), the UvA will be celebrating the opening of the academic year on a ...
  • 'LAB': interdisciplinary centre for research
    20 Jun 2012
    All the research facilities and advanced equipment of the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) – including a sleep lab, baby lab, fMRI brain scanner and virtual reality lab – ...
  • Grant for three UvA projects concerning sustainable urban areas
    11 Apr 2012
    Three research projects of UvA academics will receive a grant as part of the research programmes Urban Regions in the Delta and Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad organised by the Netherlands Organisation for ...