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Dissertations 2022

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research / AISSR

Please find an overview dissertations this year thus far.

Ahwireng, A. K. (2022). Small pelagic fish for food: Governance and performance of small pelagic fish value chains for food security and nutrition in Ghana.

Ajaz, N. (2022). Beyond the father and family: A feminist ethnographic study on early marriage decision-making, women's empowerment, and gender equality in rural Pakistan.

Asif, M. (2022). Understanding vigilante violence: Toward a more integrative and comprehensive theory.

Asubonteng, K. O. (2022). Expanding tree-crop farming: An integrated socio-spatial analysis in a transitioning mosaic landscape in Ghana.

Bosma, E. (2022). Banks as security actors: Countering terrorist financing at the human-technology interface.

DeRock, D. J. (2022). The politics of global statistical harmonization.

Disemelo, K. (2022). The House of Indigo: Drag performance, beauty pageantry, and cosmopolitan femininity in Johannesburg.

Ejbye-Ernst, P. (2022). Intervention in (inter)action: A video-based analysis of the role of third parties in interpersonal conflicts.

Gómez Uribe, D. (2022). Alliances between civilians and combatants in civil wars.

He, Q. (2022). Segregation in China: dynamics, patterns and causes: The roles of economic restructuring, the welfare regime and residential (im)mobility.

Hogendoorn, B. (2022). Divorce and inequality: Stratification in the risk and consequences of union dissolution.

Hopman, R. A. (2022). Facing genetics: An ethnography of race in forensic DNA phenotyping practices.

Kunst, S. C. (2022). The educational divide in openness towards globalisation in Western Europe.

Nilmawati (2022). The persistence of IUU fishing in Indonesia: A multi-level governance perspective.

Stojmenovska, D. (2022). Men's place: The incomplete integration of women in workplace authority.

van der Steeg, T. (2022). Leren van burgers: De vergeten rol van de eigenaar-bewoner in het klimaatakkoord.

Witschge, J. H. M. (2022). Education systems and inequality of civic and political engagement.