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The Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies (AMCIS) is undergoing a restructuring. We kindly ask for your input and collaboration to help shape the future of the centre.

What is AMCIS? 

AMCIS is committed to research related to inequality: how much inequality is there, where does it originate from and what are the consequences? Within AMCIS we are interested in the processes – small and large - that contribute to inequalities in (amongst others) education, political attitudes, wealth and housing, and the labor market. Since the start, the centre is committed to supporting interdisciplinary approaches to inequality studies. 

Restructuring AMCIS 

We invite research staff and PhD candidates from all AISSR departments to become part of AMCIS. Do you consider your research to fit within the broad scope of inequality studies? Are you interested in pursuing thematic lines related to inequality? Do you think your work can help shed light on the complex issues that the field of inequality research is entangled with, and do you want to make use of the opportunities that AMCIS will have to offer? Then we kindly ask you to join a brainstorming session, to be held on January 18 (14.00-16.00). Once you register, you will be informed of the on-campus location.

In this session, we hope to:  

  • Explore the different thematic lines related to inequality studies and determine some key points that underpin the aims of AMCIS 

  • Discuss how AMCIS funding can best be spent. 

  • Combine researchers from several disciplines working on matters related to inequality and create an AMCIS board. 

To register your interest in joining the session, please use the registration link. We look forward to hearing from you, and reimagining the future of AMCIS together.