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The Data Science Centre, part of the University Library, looks back on an eventful year and highlights some achievements and successes of 2021. Great progress has been made in the DSC’s first year in building a UvA Data Science community.

data science day 2021
Monique Kooijmans, Data Science Day 2021

Launched in 2021, the Data Science Centre (DSC) is a coordinating hub and facilitator for data-driven research within the University of Amsterdam. The mission of the DSC is to enhance the university’s research by developing, sharing, and promoting data science methods and technologies across faculties. With more than 25 members, the DSC strengthens data science expertise across all faculties, and propels greater innovation, diffusion and cross pollination of data science across the university.

In 2021 the ‘Accelerate Programme’ was launched, which enabled the hiring of data scientists and data engineers within 6 faculties. The DSC ‘PhD Innovation Programme’ provided funding for 7 PhD-candidates doing interdisciplinary data-driven research across 7 faculties within UvA. The first annual Data Science Day was organised, as well as several workshops, and an international advisory board was established, consisting of five world-leading researchers in the data science community.