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In this event, Jeroen Bruggeman will present his book "A Sociology of Humankind", followed by insightful comments from Stefan Thurner, a complexity scientist, and Nico Wilterdink, a historical sociologist.
Event details of Book launch of "A Sociology of Humankind"
17 May 2024
14:30 -17:00

The book proposes a comprehensive sociology of humanity spanning 300,000 years, analyzed from a cultural evolutionary perspective. The book is interdisciplinary, historical, and computational; models are used to analyze cultural evolution, cooperation, conflict, polarization, social cohesion, and inequality.



About the Speakers

  • Jeroen Bruggeman, sociologist specialized in social networks, at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Stefan Thurner, president of the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna. Collaborating with Stuart Kauffman and Rudolf Hanel, Thurner created a model of evolution that is at the basis of Bruggeman's book.   
  • Nico Wilterdink, historical sociologist specialized in inequality, at the University of Amsterdam.


14:30-15:00 Book presentation
15:00-15:30 Discussants' comments
15:30-16:00 Discussion with audience
16:00-17:00 Drinks